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45mm (13/4") thick full flush construction with the details confirming to SDI-111A-EDGE considered.
 Manufactured from cold rolled steel sheets to ASTM A366 or from galvanized steel to ASTM A526.
 Available in nominal 1.2mm (18ga.) or 1.5mm (16ga.). Vertical edges are interlocked. 1.5mm (16ga.) deep end channels at top and bottom of door for lasting integrity.
 Hardware reinforcing in accordance to ANSI, SDI, NFPA standards requirements.
 Tested according to UL10(B) and labeled up to 3 hours.
 Available with wide range of glass light and louver preparations.
 Fire rated, Labeled: Available in sizes up to 4'x8' single and 8'x8' double. Larger sizes are also available with oversize certification.

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